Five Ways to Dario

ein Dokumentarfilm von Dario Aguirre

Since more than 10 years the director Darío Aguirre lives between two totally different worlds, Germany and Ecuador. He decides to make an extraordinary journey, visiting five unknown men called Darío Aguirre as well: One in Mexico and four in Argentina. To meet each other develops into a reconcilement with their own past lives and permits a briefly glance into the protagonists present time. For two months Darío shares five different lives, adapting himself to situations and activities he has never done before. He tries to lose his fear of the extension of his visa with the Mexican psychologist, Darío Aguirre. He learns to drive a car with the cabby, Darío Aguirre, in Buenos Aires; he experiences the life of a soldier with the Sergeant Major Darío Aguirre; he philosophizes with the security guard, Darío Aguirre, at the gate over the question “Who am I?”; and he observes the influence the upcoming birth is having on future father, Darío Aguirre. “The film captures the experience of been a stranger in pictures and tells from the perspective of the migrant about the search for cultural and personal reference points and the lack of the sense of belonging. Beside my personal memories, it is the people, above all with their strengths and weaknesses, who make this film so special. It is a metaphor about the process of self-discovery in a strange place, and an attempt by a migrant to find his place.” (The director Dario Aguirre)


28. Bergamo Film Meeting / 22. Rencontres Cinémas d'amérique Latine de Toulouse / International Documentary Film Festival EDOC / Festival Internacional de Cine Migrante / Puebla International Film Festival / 27. Film Festival Bogotá / Filmfest Hamburg 2010 / Toronto Hispano American Film Festival / "Cine de Fronteras", IV Int. Forum der Migration / 25.Festival de Cine Lationamericano de Trieste

 / 52. Nordische Filmtage Lübeck / Festival de Cine FICIANT 2010 / Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Flandes 2010 / MIRADASDOC MARKET / VENTANA SUR / Festival del cinema documentario Calabria 2011 / SURDOCS Varas, Chile 2011 / DOCSTOWN Festival Baja California 2011

Prädikat "wertvoll"

Begründung der Jury

Die Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden vergibt "Five Ways to Dario" das Prädikat "wertvoll" und erklärt den Film zum Dokumentarfilm des Monats.

Begründung der Jury:

Es ist eine seltsame Erfahrung, einen Namensvettern zu treffen. Auf einer rein sprachlichen Ebene ist man mit ihm verwandt, und unwillkürlich interessiert man sich für den ansonsten völlig Fremden. Diese Faszination bildet den Kern der Dokumentation über eine Reise, die wie jedes gute Roadmovie auch eine innere Entwicklung des Reisenden beschreibt.